by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
1 Corinthians 13:1-13, Colossians 3:12-15

Question: How would you evaluate the state of race
relations in America today?

- Is it good or is it bad?
- Have things improved, or has nothing really changed?
- Are things moving too slowly or too rapidly?

I have discovered that answers to this question vary,
depending on who is doing the asking and who is doing
the answering.

EX: I think Anglo's tend to think things are pretty
good. The average Anglo person may concede that
things are not perfect with regard to racial equality,
justice and opportunity, BUT

- Things are steadily improving and there is no urgent
need for alarm.

- The typical Anglo person probably feels pretty
apathetic and cavalier about most race-relation issues
or civil rights issues.

- The typical Anglo person probably feels like the
Civil Rights Movement has done its job--Mission
Accomplished, let's get on to the next project.

Yet if you talk to a person of color, ethnicity or
minority status in America today, you may get an
entirely different perspective.

- For them, the issues are far more urgent and far
more personal.

- Most have painful personal stories of prejudice,
racism, and bigotry they have experienced first hand.

EX: That is why when an anglo person reads a news
story of racial profiling by police or department
store security, we tend to yawn with passivity and say
to ourselves "There are more important things to worry
about." But when a person of color or ethnicity reads
the same story it feels like a knife stab. It stings
because it is real, very, very real to them.

It is very easy to ignore the issues of racism,
prejudice and social segregation when you are not
being directly affected by it. But I suggest to you,
that to passively ignore immorality and injustice is
to essentially give de facto endorsement of it.

EX: If I witness a ...

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