by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
September 16, 2001

A Biblical Response to Terrorists Attacks on the
United States

Copyright © 2001 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson. All rights
reserved. No portion of this document may be used in
any form without the written permission of the author.
Bible quotations are from the New King James unless
otherwise indicated.

Introduction: This doesn't happen in America!" That
is what every person thought and felt as they watched
terror, death and destruction unfold in full living
color before our very eyes this past Tuesday,
September 11.

"Apocalypse Now"

That is exactly what I thought as I watched the news
this past Tuesday morning.

I had been in my study for about an hour when Kathy
called me to the family room to watch the events
unfolding on the morning news.

Just like you, I sat it absolute disbelief, with my
eyes riveted on the television screen, surfing from
channel to channel to get every possible angle of what
was happening in our nation.

* I began to wonder about the men and women in our
church who work in the airline industry, and wonder if
all our people were safe.

* I wondered if we had any of our people in New York
or Washington

* I wondered if any or our families would have family
members as victims.

* The thought of retaliatory strikes and escalating
events leading to world war began to go through my

Like every one of you, I felt this sick, empty feeling
that almost defies description.

* It is the very same feeling some of you had on
Sunday, December 7, 1941, when 2,500 people died in
the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

* The same feeling we had when we saw President
Kennedy assassinated in 1963.

* The same feeling we had when we saw cruise missiles
being fired on Baghdad and the opening of the Persian
Gulf War.

* The same feeling we had when we witnessed the space
shuttle Challenger exploding shortly ...

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