by Rick Ferguson

Watchman Prayer Ministry "Call-Out" Service
Proverbs 15:8
April 29, 2000

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otherwise indicated.

Introduction: We have a ministry here at Riverside
that gets very little attention and the people
involved receive almost no public recognition... And
yet it is unquestionably the most important ministry
of the entire church.

Without this ministry... all other ministries and
activities of the church would slow to a grinding

Without this ministry we would be like a ship with our
sails extended but no wind to fill them.

Without this ministry we would be like a plane that
has lost its lift.

Without this ministry we would be like a car that has
run out of gas.

The ministry that is the fuel and the fire behind
everything we do is a fabulous prayer ministry, led by
one of our Deacons, Phil Whitehead, called
The Watchman Prayer Ministry.

Many of you probably are not even aware of this
tremendous ministry, and yet it is almost a certainty
that your life has been impacted and blessed by this
ministry and the faithful people involved.

No doubt, many of you have been prayed over and you
did not even know there was a small army of faithful
Intercessors who go to battle for you in prayer
whenever you have a need in your life.

I know these wonderful people have faithfully prayed
for me, and I am sure that they have labored and
fought many spiritual battles for me and with me as
they have prayed. It probably won't be until we get
to heaven that we will be able to see all the
victories they have won for me and others through
their faithful, intercession.

If you have been a Watchman on the prayer wall this
past year, would you please stand up an ...

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