by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
Genesis 47:12-13, John 14:1-6

As we make our pilgrimage through the book of Genesis,
we come to Chapter 47, where Joseph (the Prime
Minister of Egypt) moved his father and brothers into
Egypt to live with him. I believe that that incident
is a picture of the day when Jesus shall send His holy
angels to receive us out of this world of death and
despair to live with Him in His home in heaven.

Jesus is our Joseph, and He is indeed coming back
someday to receive His people unto Himself. I believe
that day is very, very near--even at the door.

In light of all that is happening in the Persian Gulf
today, we need to be reminded that King Jesus is
indeed coming. I think this is a particularly critical
time to take a close look at some of the precipitating
events that the Bible tells us will occur just prior
to Christ's return to earth and the establishment of
His kingdom here on earth.

So, let's use the story of Joseph receiving his family
into the wealth of his household as a springboard to
catapult us into the near future, when Jesus returns
for His blood-bought family.

TEXT--Genesis 47:11-12

I hope you can see the vast similarities in what
Joseph did for his brethren and what Jesus will
someday do- for us.

Joseph's whole life stands as a prophetic picture of
Jesus Christ.

Joseph's brethren were starving in a dying land.

Joseph had been exalted as the vice-regent of Egypt
and had become the wealthiest, most powerful man on

One day Joseph sent for his brothers and received them
into his house, where they lived and served with him,
enjoying the riches and pleasures of Joseph's

Someday our wonderful Savior, the Lord Jesus, will
descend from heaven and take us up out of this land of
desolation, death and despair. We will live in the
light of His glory and splendor forever and ever.
Jesus told of this day in John 14:1-6 ...

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