by Rick Ferguson

God's Road to Repentance
Rick E. Ferguson
Genesis 43:1-3, 15-44:13

What is the one element of conversion and salvation that is least often spoken of-even often avoided-and yet without it conversion can't possibly take place in a man or woman's life? It is the part of salvation that is absolutely essential and yet is spoken of the least: It is the element of repentance!

You hear very little about repentance from most preachers and most pulpits in our day. It is simply a very unpopular subject in our pleasure-oriented generation of gluttony and immediate gratification.

And yet Jesus said that without repentance no one could possibly be saved or have any hope of going to heaven.

Luke 13:3 Jesus said . . except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.''

Based on that-I'd say that repentance is very, very important: it is so important that no one can go to heaven who doesn't repent.

In our study of Genesis, we come today to Chapters 43 and 44, where Joseph led his wicked brothers through a series of events that resulted in their repentance. As we read this exciting episode in Joseph's story, we realize that what Joseph did to lead his estranged brothers to a point of repentance is often exactly the road God uses to lead us to genuinely repent of our sin. Today we will read about ''God's Road to Repentance.''

TEXT-Genesis 43:1-3, 15-44:13

God's road to repentance often leads through:

I. Frustration, I. Fear, I. Feasting, I. Forsaking and I. Fulfillment.

What are we talking about when we use the word repentance?

Ex. A Sunday School teacher once asked that question to his class, and one little boy said, ''Repentance means being sorry for your sins.'' To which a little girl added, ''Repentance means being sorry enough to quit!''

1. When we talk about repentance we are talking about a complete change (a turn around in life); we are not, by the way, speaking of penance.

Ex. Penance means, in essence, paying a penalty or price for one's ...

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