by Rick Ferguson

Genesis 42:1-38
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Do you have any actions in your past that you greatly
Greatly regret - something that bothers you every time
you think of it. I suppose everyone has some skeletons
in their closet.

Have you ever seen a picture of the painting "The
Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci? It is one of the
most famous paintings of all history.

When Leonardo da Vinci was painting his masterpiece, "The
Last Supper," he selected as the person to sit for the
character of the Christ a young man, Pietri Bandinelli by
name, connected with the Milan Cathedral as chorister.
Years passed before the great picture was completed, and
when one character only--that of Judas Iscariot--was
wanting, the great painter noticed a man in the streets of
Rome whom he selected as his model. With shoulders far bent
toward the ground, having an expression of cold, hardened,
evil, saturnine, the man seemed to afford the opportunities
of a model terribly true to the artist's conception of

When in the studio, the profligate began to look around, as
if recalling incidents of years gone by. Finally, he turned
and with a look half-sad, yet one which told how hard it was
to realize the change which had taken place, he said,
"Maestro, I was in this studio twenty-five years ago. I,
then, sat for Christ."

Oh the pain of guilt. Guilt eats away at all of
us, destroying us from the inside out. Guilt haunts us
day and night.

Guilt--living wit the haunting reality of our
own failures, weaknesses, shortcomings, mistakes an
sin--is a powerfully destructive force in our lives.
Mental institutions are filled with people who have one
major problem--unresolved guilt.

In Genesis 42 we read the incredible story of ten
brothers who had years earlier sold one of their
brothers into slavery. Joseph's brothers were haunted
with the guilt of their actions for more than 20 long
years. But in Genesis 42 God brings the ...

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