by Rick Ferguson

Genesis 41:45-51
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

If I asked you to sum up the Bible in one word
today, what word would you select? What is the one word
that captures and capsulizes the entire--
66 books,
1,189 chapters,
41,173 verses,
774,746 words,
3,566,480 letters of the Bible?

That one word would be JESUS. That's right. From
beginning to end this whole book is about one thing--
Jesus, the Son of God and Savior of the world.

The Old Testament tells us that Jesus is coming.
The gospels tell us that Jesus has arrived.
The epistles tell us that Jesus is coming again!

The Old Testament prophecies of Jesus,
the New Testament presents Jesus.

The Old Testament describes Jesus to us,
the New Testament delivers Jesus to us.

The Old Testament gives us a picture of Jesus,
the New Testament gives us the person of Jesus.

Everything the Holy Spirit recorded in the Old
Testament had one supreme- purpose-, which was to point
to the wonderful Lord Jesus Christ and His atoning work
on Calvary. The books of Colossians and Hebrews say
that many of the Old Testament people and events were
"shadows of heavenly things to come." Thousands of
years before Jesus ever entered this world through a
virgin’s wombs we can see His shadow being cast to earth
in a man named Joseph.

Today I want us to read an episode in Joseph's
life recorded in Genesis 41, and I want to point out to
you how Joseph revealed Jesus to us.

TEXT--Genesis 41:45-57

For purity of character, for steadfastness under
trial for unswerving perseverance in following the
right, there is no Old Testament character to compare
with Joseph the favorite son of Jacob. At the age of
seventeen he was sold into slavery in Egypt, was
subjected to the most severe temptations, and yet he
persevered, and by the age of thirty had become the
prime minister of Egypt.

Our chief interest in Joseph today is the typology
of his history as a figure of the g ...

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