by Rick Ferguson

Genesis 41:1-16, 25-46

Have you come here today wondering when your
ship will come in? The fact of the matter is that
most of us spend a good deal of our lives waiting for
our ships to come in.

We anxiously wait day by day for something bigger,
better and brighter to come our way.
We live in anticipation of that "really big break"
that will allow us to become the success we were
born to be.
We wait for that unexpected promotion 'that will propel
us to prosperity.
we wait for that wonderful moment of discovery when
someone influential will recognize our talents,
intellect or abilities and begin to champion our

Well. there is nothing wrong with having healthy
ambitions or grandiose goals. There is nothing wrong
with dreaming for success, as long as we don't get so
preoccupied with future prosperity that we lose sight
of present pleasures and prioritizes.

It is healthy and good to have something to look
forward to. In fact, whenever a person feels as
though he/she has nothing to look forward to he is in
serious spiritual, psychological and eventually
physical trouble.

Copyright © 1995 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson.
All rights reserved. No portion of this
document may be used in any form without
the written permission of the author. Bible
quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

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Christians always--always--have something to
look forward to. Our ship will someday come in! That
old gospel ship will someday sweep us on to glory,
where we shall reign as kings and priests with Jesus
Christ the Lord of Glory forever and ever. Christians
always have something to look forward to. I don't
care if you've been told that you will die tomorrow,
you still have plenty to look forward to!

Today I want us to t study the life of
a young Hebrew man who was a spiritual giant: His
name was Joseph.

Joseph had been told by God that he would be a great
ru ...

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