by Rick Ferguson

Genesis 37:1-36
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Did you know that you have the "Cinderella
syndrome"? Just about everyone I've ever known has
it--the "Cinderella syndrome." That is, we all have
grandiose fantasies of someday going from rags to
riches. Everyone of us dream of someday making it
big--I mean really big.

Ex. If you're a businessman you dream of building a huge
business, managing large numbers of employees and making
lots of money.

If you're a teacher you dream of teaching students who
will be tomorrow's astronauts, senators and scientists,
etc.. and of being chosen as "Teacher of the Year."

If you're a preacher you dream of pastoring a huge church
and having thousands throng to your church just to hear
your eloquent exposition of the Scriptures.

If you're a salesman you dream of setting new sales
records, winning great prizes and being selected as top
salesman of the company.

If you're an athlete you dream of becoming a professional
and someday enjoying celebrity status as well as making
big bucks.

Musicians dream of recording a number one hit album.

Yes, we all have it--the "Cinderella syndrome."
And, by the way, this is not all bad: It is good and
healthy to have dreams, goals and great expectations.
And we all hope that someday fate will favor us and we
will go from rags to riches.

This is why everyone loves a Cinderella story.
Anytime someone goes from rags to riches it encourages
us to believe it can happen to us.

Ex. In January of 1990 a lovely young woman in New York, named
Charlie, claimed she had the single winning ticket to the
$35 million jackpot in the state lottery. She and her
friends threw a big bash. The New York media bit on the
story and she received prime time television coverage and
front page newspaper coverage. She was the girl who had
hit it big. This was big news!

However, one day later the young lady laughed at the New
York media and told them it wa ...

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