by Rick Ferguson

Genesis 35:1-15
Dr. Rick E Ferguson

Have you ever been so discouraged that you
wanted to quit your job, school
your church, teaching, working, leading
your work for the Lord, your marriage?
Your Life.

I think that all of us (at one time or another) have
seriously contemplated quitting, resigning, giving up.

Ex. In a far country lived a band of minstrels who traveled
from town to town presenting music to make a living. They
had not been doing well. Times were hard; there was
little money for common folk to come to hear the
minstrels, even though their fee was small. Attendance
had been falling off, so early one evening the group met
to discuss their plight. "I see no reason for opening
tonight," one said. "To make things even worse than they
may have been, it is starting to snow. Who will venture
out on a night like this?" "I agree," another
disheartened singer said, "Last night we performed for
just a handful. Fewer will come tonight. Why not give
back their meager fees and cancel the concert? No one can
expect us to go on when just a few are in the audience."

"How can anyone do his best for so few?" a third inquired.
Then he turned to another sitting beside him. "What do
you think?" The man appealed to was older than the
others. He looked straight at his troupe. "I know you
are discouraged. I am too. But we have a responsibility
to those who might come. We will go on. And we will do
the best job of which we are capable. It is not the fault
of those who come that others do not. They should not be
punished with less than the best we can give." Heartened
by his words, the minstrels went ahead with their show.
They never performed better. When the show was over and
the small audience gone, the old man called his troupe to
him. In his hand was a note, handed to him by one of the
audience just before the doors closed behind him. "Listen
to this, my friends!" Something electrifying in his tone
of voice ...

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