by Rick Ferguson

Genesis 34:30-35:3
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

If you look at your bulletins this morning you
will see a list of possible responses you might feel
led of God to make through this worship experience.
One of those responses that is made quite often during
the crucial moments of invitation is the response
"Rededicate your life to the lordship of Christ."

It is a regular thing for people to come forward
at the conclusion of our services and say to me,
"Pastor I believe I need to rededicate my life to the

But do you know that the word rededication or
recommitment never appears at all in the Bible? Does
this mean that rededicating one's life to Christ is
not biblical?

I think not; for even though the word
rededication is never used in the Bible, the practice
rededication is recorded in many places. In fact
nearly all the men and women of faith recorded in the
Bible who were mighty in Spirit experienced and
expressed some type of rededication in their
pilgrimage of faith. This leads me to believe that
rededication is a very important part of the
life of faith.

In fact, I believe this so strongly that I
believe that if a Christian never senses the need in
his life to recommit himself to the lordship of Jesus
Christ then it is probably not because he does not
need to make such a commitment but he has
grown so cold, so callused and so carnal that he can
no longer sense or comprehend the work of the Holy
Spirit his life.

One of the first and clearest acts of
rededication recorded in all the Bible is found in the
life of Jacob. As we continue through Genesis we come
today to Chapter 35, where God commanded Jacob to
return to Bethel (the place of his initial conversion)
and rededicate his life. From our study today I hope
to answer the question "When Is Rededication Right?"

TEXT--Genesis 34:30-35:3

Ex. From resign to re-sign. A pastor (John Robertson) once
told how he had grown discouraged, ...

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