by Rick Ferguson


Genesis 34:1 I31

Today I want to preach a message that I hope
will make a dramatic impact on our young people and
single adults. If you are a teenager or young, single
adult I hope you will listen very closely to the
message this morning, which comes from Genesis 34.

Genesis 34 records one of the most sordid and
sad events of all the Bible: It records the story of
a beautiful young lady named Dinah (the daughter of
Jacob) and a handsome young prince named Shechem.
Genesis 34 tells how these two young people met,
quickly fell in love (at least they thought they were
in love) and committed sexual sin together. The story
concludes by recording the devastating results of
their promiscuous sin.

The title of this morning's message is "Play
Now--Pay Later." I think you will see, through
today's study4i how serious sexual sin is. I think you
will se, how dangerous it is to get caught up in the
power of passion and fall to the temptations of your
lustful flesh. I hope you will come to understand
that', you may play now but you'll always pay--always
pay, always pay--later.

I want to warn you that the price and penalty
you pay for a few moments of unholy pleasure is

Some of you young people are already sexually
active; you've been fooling around and playing with

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Listen to the story of young Dinah today. For
if she would speak to you young people today she would

Sin will always take you further than you
want to go. Sin will always keep you
longer than you want to stay. Sin will
always cost you more than you want to pay.

She would say to you, young woman, young man:

Vow to yourself and to God to stay holy,
pure and virgin u ...

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