by Rick Ferguson

Genesis 32:2232
For several weeks we have been studying the life
of Jacob. We have followed him from his birth to his
betrothal, and today we will watch him receive his

I believe there is a little bit of Jacob in all
of us. Jacob was self-centered, selfish and self-
reliant. He was an independent cuss who wanted to
become a self-sufficient, self-made success.
He was willing to do anything to be a success.
He was even willing to cheat his own brother and lie
to his own father.

Do you know what Jacob's main problem was? Do
you know what Jacob's root sin was? It was self-
sufficiency. That is why I say there is a little bit
of Jacob in all of us. You see, self-sufficiency is
at the very heart and root of all sin.

Ex. This is exactly why lost people refuse to be saved. They
assume they can get to heaven on their own, without the
help of the saving, atoning blood of Jesus Christ. They
are self-sufficient!

This is what keeps Christians from being entirely obedient
to God. We figure we can run our lives better than God
can. We are self-sufficient.

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Pg. 2
Sometime God has to go to extreme measures to
brake us of our self -sufficiency. God had to go to an
extreme measure with Jacob to break him once and for
all of his sin of self-sufficiency. Twenty years in
Laban's house had not completed the task- God Himself
finally stepped into Jacob's life. Today we'll read
of the night Jacob wrestled with the living God.

TEXT--Genesis 32:22-32

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