by Rick Ferguson

Genesis 32:1-32
When we left Jacob last he was camped in the
middle of the desert. He had left his father-in-law
Laban's household (where he had spent 20 long, hard
years of indentured servant hood).

God had greatly blessed and protected Jacob
during those 20 years in Laban's home. Now Jacob was
returning to Canaan, the house of his father Isaac, by
the command of God. He gathered his wives, children,
herds of animals, and all his wealth and moved back to

The move was made rather smoothly (except for a
brief interruption from his old pagan father-in-law
Laban, who was upset because someone had stolen his
household idols). (You'll remember that Rachel had
hidden them in the saddlebags of her camel.)

Laban and Jacob made an agreement to never
contact one another again. They drew a boundary line
between Canaan and Paddanaram, and both promised to
never cross it.

Now Jacob moved closer to Canaan. At first he
was very excited about the'm6ve,' but as he got ever
closer to his homeland he became increasingly fearful.
He began to get "cold feet" about moving back home
because he remembered the murderous vow of his big
brother Esau. The closer he got the more frightened
he became. Esau' voice, from 20 years earlier, began
To pound ever so loudly in his mind. And he could, no
doubt, still see 'the hate and revenge in Esau's face's
as he swore to kill him!

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Version unless otherwise indicated.

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Today I want us to follow Jacob through these
final moments before he was reintroduced to Esau.
From our study today we will learn some important
truths related to conquering fear.

TEXT--Genesis 32:1-32

Some psychologists tell us that the first
emotion a human learns in life is fear. Fea ...

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