by Rick Ferguson

HOW TO MAKE RIGHT Family Decisions
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Genesis 31:1-16

I suppose that one of the greatest
responsibilities we carry in life is the
responsibility of a family. Being a father or a
mother is a tremendously difficult task. Raising
children in today's world is not getting any easier.
There are so many forces at work against the home that
it is frightening. Dr. Tim LaHaye (in his best-seller
book, Battle For the Family) lists 14 enemies of the
20th Century family:

(1) Humanism,

(2) Government,

(3) Public schools,

(4) Television,

(5) The media,

(6) Feminism,

(7) Materialism,

(8) Urbanization,

(9) Easy divorce,

(10) Women in the work force,

(11) Pornography,

(12) Drugs,

(13) Rock music, and

(14) Ignorance of family-life principles.

I must agree that the elements in society tend
to work against family stability rather than with it
or for it.

I know that every parent here wants to be a good
parent and raise godly children who love the Lord and
serve Him faithfully. This means we must make right
decisions related to our families.

Copyright 1995 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson.
All rights reserved. No portion of this
document may be used in any form without
the written permission of the author. Bible
quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

Most of us are confronted daily with some kind
of family decision. How can you be sure you are
making the right decision?

Today I want us to once again intrude into the
Home. Jacob at a time, when he was making a
significant, decision that would have a long-term
affect on his family. He made the right decision.
Let's look now at Genesis 31:1-13, to see if we can
gain some help in making right family decisions.

TEXT--Genesis 31:1-16

Parents have to make tough family decisions
every day--decisions that will have a continuing
impact on the entire home. The fact of the matter is
that being a parent i ...

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