by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Genesis 29:13-28

Thirty years-ago a psychologist named Dr. Spock
wrote that Corporal punishment inflicted upon a child
could warp a child's personality and do irreversible
emotional damage. His books sold like hot cakes and
millions of young parents bought in on the "hands off"
approach to child rearing; basically letting their
children raise themselves. These parents never
corrected their children, for fear of stifling the
child's creativity.

Simultaneously, a by-product of philosophical
humanism developed called "values clarification."
Public educators bought in on this trend and they
informed their students that there are no moral
absolutes, no given rights or wrongs, and therefore
everyone must determine for himself what is right and
what is wrong.

Discipline, corporal punishment and respect for
authority were thrown out the window in the 50's and 60's
, resulting in an era of non-discipline and non-
authority and of letting children run their own lives.
Now, in the 80's and 90's, we are reaping the
consequences of such ludicrous thinking. We have
produced the most belligerent, lazy, materialistic,
undisciplined, narcistic generation of people to ever
live. We have raised an entire generation of
neurotics and psychotics.

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Version unless otherwise indicated.

Ex. In the 40's the primary problem teachers had with students
were items such as talking in class. Getting out of line,
chewing gum or failing to raise hands before speaking.

In the 80's the problems teachers report about students
are items such as drug abuse, broken home, assault, carrying weapons and suicide.

Surely we can see that s line is a necessary
part of character development i ...

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