by Rick Ferguson

Stairway to Heaven (Jacob's Dream)
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
Genesis 28:10-22

When you were a child, did you ever sing the little chorus-

(1) We are climbing Jacob's ladder,
(2) Every rung goes higher, higher,
(3) If you love Him, why not serve Him?

I sang that as a child and had no idea what it meant. Well, today we are going to study the Old Testament story that is the basis for that juvenile chorus. Our study of the book of Genesis brings us to Chapter 28 today, in which is recorded the story of Jacob's ladder.

Now in my opinion this incident records the Conversion of old, sinful Jacob. He fell asleep a sinner and awoke a son of God. The story we are about to read records the night that Jacob had a run-in with none other than the Lord Jesus Christ; and I think you will see that this was a life-transforming experience for this man whose very name (Jacob) means deceiver, schemer or supplanter. When Jacob met Jesus he was transformed from a schemer to a son of God.

I wonder if you have met Jesus--I mean really had a life-changing, life-transforming run-in with Jesus Christ.

Someone has said "Nature forms us, sin deforms us, education informs us, penitentiaries reform us, only Jesus can transform us."

It is my prayer that if you've never had a life-transforming experience with Jesus Christ that even today you would meet Jesus Christ here as we study Jacob's ladder--the stairway to heaven.

TEXT--Genesis 28:10-22

A young fellow once said to his girl friend: "I dreamed about you last night." Naturally she was intrigued and wanted to know all about it. He sand. "I dreamed I proposed to you. I wonder what that means!" She said. That's very simple That means you have more sense when you're asleep than you have when you're awake!"

That night Jacob had more sense when he was asleep than he had ever had before when he was awake. That night he learned that the God of Abraham his grandfather and the God of Isaac his father could even becom ...

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