by Rick Ferguson


By: Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Genesis 27:41-28:1

James was only I6 years old when, he decided to leave home. His
step-father was abusive and his mother seemed unconcerned, so he ran away from home.

At 16 years of age (with no education), James found it impossible
To get a job. He began running with the wrong crowd and stealing to survive. It wasn't
long until the law was after him. He hitch
hiked to another state, running from authorities.

James was now 18 and very depressed. He began using drugs to
smother his fears and feelings. Before long he was in debt to drug dealers and his life was
in jeopardy. He moved to another city,
running from the dope peddlers.

With no job, James entered the military. He met a girl there and
got her pregnant. Rather than marrying her he paid for her to have an abortion and
dumped her.

The rigid life of the military was difficult for James to handle
and, after several major blunders, he was given a dishonorable discharge.

James moved back to his hometown. He met up with a childhood
sweetheart and, within a couple of weeks, they got married. But they were not married
a year until problems came. James decided
the best way to handle the problems was to get a divorce.

He was not yet rebounded from his divorce when he was attracted to a woman working
next to him on an assembly line. They married
But the marriage was shaky; and once again James resorted to divorce, running from
problematic marriage.

Depressed and defeated James began to drink. Alcohol soon had an
uncontrollable grip on him and he lost his job.

He responded by drinking even more heavily. One night he was
driving home from the tavern in a drunken stupor when he crossed into the wrong lanes
of the highway and was killed in a head-on
collision. His whole life had been spent on the run-running from
problems, pain and pressure.

Copyright t 1995 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson.
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