by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Genesis 26:17-34

Our study through the book of Genesis brings us
once again to the life of Isaac, the promised miracle
son of Abraham. Isaac is one of the key figures of
the Old Testament. You'll recall, as you read the Old
Testament, that God often introduces Himself to His
people as the "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Just
as Peter, James and John seem to take a prominent
place in the gospels; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob fill a
prominent place of faith in Genesis.

Even though Isaac is a vitally important link in
The family of faith, only one chapter of Genesis is
devoted solely to him (compared to 12 full chapters
devoted to Abraham, 12 devoted to Jacob and 12 devoted
to Joseph).

Someone has said "Isaac was the ordinary son of a great
father and the ordinary father of a great son."

So in many ways Isaac spent most of his life
standing in the shadows o either his illustrious
father, Abraham, or his equally illustrious son,

You see, Isaac was a rather ordinary-type
fellow. He lived a rather uneventful simple life.
He was anything but an Indiana Jones. Isaac was a
very common, ordinary man.

Even though Isaac lived a simple, ordinary life,
in the Word of God Isaac becomes an exciting picture
or type of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

NOTE: Isn't it wonderful how God can use ordinary people in
extraordinary ways!

Ex: Isaac is a picture of Jesus in his birth. For Isaac was
born in a miraculous way--even as Jesus was miraculously
born of a virgin.

Isaac is a picture of Jesus in his obedience to the
father. As a young man he was willing to lay his life on
the altar of sacrifice ...

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