by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Genesis 26:1-17

As we study the book of Genesis the Holy Spirit
guides us through the family tree of the first family
of faith. This family of faith begins with Adam and
ends with Jesus. This is a special, chosen family
through which God offered His wonderful plan of
redemption for the whole world. We have followed this
family from Adam to Seth, to Noah and Shem, to Abraham
and Isasac.

Today we come to study an episode in the life of
Isaac, the chosen miracle son of Abraham. Isaac is in
many ways an Old Testament picture of the Lord Jesus
Christ. He is the obedient son of the gracious
father, who was willing to lay his life down in

Only one chapter of Genesis is solely devoted to
Isaac. In some ways Isaac was overshadowed. He spent
most of his life standing either in the shadow of his
illustrious father Abraham or standing in the shadow
of his equally illustrious son Jacob.

Someone has said-- "Isaac was the ordinary son of a
great father (Abraham) and the ordinary father of a
great son (Jacob).

Today I want us to study the life of Isaac under
the theme "Turning Famine Into Fortune." We are going
to see how Isaac was able to turn famine into fortune.
We are going to see that Isaac was very human and he
made mistakes--yet he was able to trust and obey God
in a time of crisis. And because of this God was able
to turnhis problems into prosperity.

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quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

TEXT--Genesis 26:1-17
Here we find Isaac--the chosen man of God)
Isaac--the fore father of Jesus Christ, Isaac--the Old
Testament Christian, facing a severe crisis that he
had no control over. It was a famine. Drought and
food shortage threatened his ver ...

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