by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Genesis 25:5-11

Today I want us to take one final look at the
life of one of God's greatest men who ever lived--the
patriarch Abraham. Abraham is such an important
figure in the family of faith that the Holy Spirit
devotes 12 full chapters to his life in the book of
Genesis. Besides this, the Holy Spirit makes numerous
references to Abraham in both the Old Testament and
New Testament.

Today I want us to take a look at the most
important moment in Abraham's life. Now what is the
most important moment of Abraham's life?

(1) Was it the moment God called him out of that
land of the Chaldees to be the father of a great

(2) Was it the moment he met Sarah, the love of his
life, and married her?

(3) Was it the moment God allowed young Isaac, the
son of promise, to be miraculously born into his

(4) Was it the moment Abraham passed God's ultimate
test of sacrifice on Mount Moriah with Isaac?
All of these were critical moments in Abraham's life,
but the most important moment of his life was the
moment of his death.

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Today I want to read the Holy Spirit's record of
Abraham's death and ask the question of you--How will
you die?

TEXT--Genesis 25:7-11

Someone posted an article on an obstetrical floor which said
"Recent research shows that the first five minutes of life are very risky."
Underneath someone else wrote "The last five minutes are not so hot

How will you die? When I ask that question some
of you might say--Preacher, how can I possibly know
how I will die? Maybe I'll die in a car accident, by
a sudden heart attack, or by some protracted disease.
No one knows how they will die.

Well, today you need t ...

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