by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Genesis 24:1-9

As we move through the pages of the Old
Testament we cannot help but notice beautiful images
of Jesus Christ and the cross of Calvary. You see,
the cross of Jesus is the pinnacle of all history and,
behind the light of the resurrected Christ of the New
Testament, the cross casts an ominous shadow upon all
the Old Testament.

This is why a wise old preaching professor in
seminary once said, "You men, when you select a text
for a sermon, find the text and make a beeline for the

This is certainly true of the Old Testament, for
Old Testament history is really His-story. Throughout
all the Old Testament God gives us pictures, images
and types that serve as prophetic pointers to the
coming Savior of the world. God often used Old
Testament men and women of faith, as well as certain
incidents in their lives, to draw prophetic pictures
of a New Testament reality.

The story of Abraham finding a bride for his son
Isaac is one such incident. Every detail of this
story points to Jesus Christ and His bride, the
church. This was an actual, historical event; and it
is an important event, because of its prophetic

This is why the Holy Spirit lingers lovingly
over every detail in Chapter 24 of Genesis. It is the
longest chapter in the entire book of Genesis, because
every detail speaks of-6hir"ist and H1is'church.~

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Let's begin reading the exciting, romantic story
of Isaac and his beautiful bride, Rebekah.

TEXT--Genesis 24:1-9

It is not surprising that the Lord would use an
incident like this to prophecy the love of Jesus for
His bride, the church. After all, the Holy Spirit
expressly tells us that marriage-i ...

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