by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Genesis 12:10-20

As we continue our study through the book of
Genesis, we come to one of the greatest figures
in all the Old Testament--the man Abraham.
Last week we learned that Abraham was a man of
great faith. He is esteemed as a model of faith
in both the Old and New Testaments.

Ex. God spoke to Abraham and told him to
forsake his homeland and move to a land
that God would show him; and Abraham
pulled up stakes and left.

God told Abraham He'd make him the father
of a great nation; and the Bible says
Abraham believed God and it was counted
unto him as righteousness.

God told Abraham to offer his only son,
Isaac, as a sacrifice; and Abraham went so
far as to raise the knife to plunge it
into his son's chest--again proving his
faith in God.

All of these acts were great displays of great
faith. And because of Abraham's tremendous faith
he is listed in the roll call of faith found
in Hebrews 11. Even Jesus recognized and
rewarded the faith of Abraham.

However, as great as Abraham was he was not
perfect. You see, Abraham was only a mortal man
with a sin nature just like you and me. And,
whereas last week we discussed Abraham's faith,
this week we will take a look at three of his

TEXT--Genesis 12:10-20

1. Have you ever failed so miserably that you
wondered if God or any else would ever
listen to you or love you again?

2. Have you ever made such a blunder, such a
horrid mistake, that guilt and remorse
almost consumed you?

3. Have you ever committed a sin that caused
you such sorrow and shame that you
wondered if you could ever hold your head
up again?

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4. Have you ever fai ...

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