by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

GENESIS 11:27-32

Our study of the book of Genesis brings us today
to one of the great patriarchs of the Old
Testament. The man Abraham has to be one of the
most significant figures of the entire Old
Testament. In fact, he is, without a doubt, one
of the most important figures of all human
history. A vast part of the world's population
looks to Abraham as a religious ancestor.

(1) The Moslem or Islam religion holds Abraham
in high esteem because of their link to
him through his illegitimate son Ishmael.

(2) Judaism, of course, looks to Abraham as
the father of their faith and nation,
because of their descendence from him
through Isaac.

(3) Christianity also looks back to Abraham in
great appreciation and admiration, because
he is the father of all God's chosen
people (the one through whom God gave the
world His Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ).

We can learn a lot from this man Abraham, for he
was a man of great faith and great faithfulness.
The New Testament records the faith and
faithfulness of Abraham.

Hebrews 11:8 says "By faith Abraham, when he was
called to go out into a place
which he should after receive
for an inheritance, obeyed..

Abraham had faith and he was faithful; i.e., he

During the next several weeks we are going to

1. The faithfulness of Abraham.
2. The failures of Abraham.
3. The finances of Abraham.
4. The fruitfulness of Abraham.

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quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

Today we will begin our study of the
faithfulness of Abraham.

TEXT--Genesis 11:27-32

Abram (as he is first introduced in the Bible)
was a descendent of 2 tithe son of Adam) and
Shem (the son of Noa ...

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