by Rick Ferguson

Rick Ferguson

Genesis 11:1-9

Our study of the book of Genesis leads us
today to one of the most striking miracles
in all the Bible: the miracle of God
confounding the language of men at the tower
of Babel.

B. H. says "This is one of the mightiest and most far reaching miracles
of history. It transcends in importance all the plagues of
Egypt. Indeed it finds no counterpart until the descent of
the Spirit on the day of Pentecost." (p. 212)

This story is one of the most strategic
and important episodes of the Bible because
it gives us the source of the origin of

Now, you need to know that the English
word "race" that we use in reference to
various peoples never appears in the Bible.
Racial distinction is not a biblical
concept, it is a purely human concept. God
does not in any way make distinctions among
men according to physical characteristics as
we do. In fact

Galatians 3:28 says very clearly in Christ
"There is neither Jew nor
Greek, there is neither
bond nor free, there is
neither male nor female;
for ye are all one in
Christ Jesus."

We separate men into racial categories
based upon physical characteristics--God
does not. In fact, science does not
separate men into racial categories by physical characteristics.

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quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

NOTE: This purely human scheme of racial segregation and
distinction has haunted and hurt mankind for centuries. It
has brought about prejudice, slavery and oppression.

Ex. There are some people who still believe that a
White person cannot receive a blood transfusion
from a black person because their blood is
different. It was scientifically proven decades
ago that the human race is of one blood.

The ...

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