by Rick Ferguson

A crisis in creation
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
Genesis 2:1-7

Last week we began an intriguing study in the very first book of the Bible, the book of Genesis. Genesis is the book of beginnings. It was authored by Moses, more than 1,400 years prior to the birth of Christ. Last week we studied the first chapter of Genesis under the theme ''In the Beginning God.'' Chapter 1 of Genesis is one of the most God-centered chapters of the entire Bible. God is mentioned by name 32 times. . .thus, on the very first page of the Bible, the Holy Spirit brings us into the presence of God and keeps us there.

No wonder Satan hates this chapter of the Bible! No wonder he has brought such heavy artillery against it to discredit it.

Last week we discussed:

the myths associated with creation,
the manuscript associated with creation,
the method associated with creation,
the majesty associated with creation.

In one power-packed chapter the Holy Spirit described the whole marvelous process of creation. Ex. Harold Fortescue, a budding newspaper reporter, was sent to cover a local social function. It was his first assignment. He expanded himself and submitted to his editor two dozen pages of typewritten oratory. The editor did not even glance at it, but handed it right back with the words, ''Cut it in half.', Crestfallen, Fortescue complied. Again the editor handed it back with the dry comment, ''Cut it in half again.'' Grumbling under his breath the youthful reporter did a she was told. When he handed in the finished article the editor handed it back once more.''Now reduce it to a single page,'' he said. The horrified reporter ventured a protest. His boss cut him off. ''Young man,'' he said, ''you have evidently overlooked the fact that when the Creator of the universe gives His account of Creation He does so in ten words--'ln the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

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