by Rick Ferguson

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The Gifts of Unity (1 of 2)

Ephesians 4:7-12

What would you say to a frustrated Sunday School
teacher who comes to you and says they find absolutely
no joy or satisfaction in teaching? They feel they
do a poor job and it is a struggle week-after-week
to walk into their class. As you observe their
work you have noticed they are very ineffective as
a teacher. Their class has not grown, their lessons
are shallow and unorganized; the work seems unblessed
by God.

Or, what would you say to a young man fresh out
of seminary who finds in his first year as a pa-star
that he gets no joy or fulfillment in the ministry?
Sermon preparation is a drudgery, he is scared to
death of visitation, he feels uncomfortable meeting
new people, funerals make him lose sleep, weddings
give him a nervous stomach. His church is declining,
his preaching appears ineffective.

Or, what do you say to the discouraged Christian
who says, "I have no talents, I can't sing, I can't
preach or teach, I don't feel like I am of any use
to God."?

The answer for all three situations is the same.
Each need to prayerfully look for and understand
their spiritual gift.

Little is said about spiritual gifts and yet
they are one of the most important assets possessed
by the born-again Christian. Most Christians have
little to no understanding at all of spiritual
gifts. I believe this is because preachers and
teachers have failed to recognize the importance of
spiritual gifts.

Tonight we will begin a study on spiritual gifts.
Our text in Ephesians provides a good biblical basis
from which to conduct our study.

TEXT Ephesians 4:7-12
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Do you know what your spiritual gift is? If
I were to ask you "What is your s ...

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