by Rick Ferguson


Ephesians 3:1-12

The church of Jesus Christ is the most marvelous
institution on earth. It is the institution which
Jesus established and ordained to carry out His work
on earth. It is His building, His body, His bride.
Christ loves the church. He loved the church so
much that He was willing to die for the church.

The Book of Ephesians contains a great deal of
ecclesiology: i.e., the doctrine of the church. We
learn from Ephesians that the church is more of an
organism than it is an organization. Each of her
body members has a specific function and all work
together as one unit to be the hands and feet of
Christ on earth.

The church is built upon the of Christ and
the doctrine of the apostles. These are her foundation
stones which, if ever removed, will cause her to

The church, though she is not vet perfect. still
belongs to Christ. Whenever Christ saves a lost
sinner, His next immediate step for that sinner is
to place him or her in the nurturing. protective
atmosphere of the church. He puts that new baby
believer there, not because the church is perfect.
If that were the case, the- new believer would be
out of place. Rather He puts that baby believer
there so that he might grow through the feeding of
the Word and the fellowship of the saints.

Ex. It is lust like the birth of an infant.
The hospitals do not check to see if that infant's
parents are perfect parents, for there is no such
thing. They rather, gladly release that infant
into the care of the parents because he--needs, two
things to survive (1) food and (2) family fellowship' -
or love.

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Version unless otherwise indicated.

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The church may not be perfect but we have two
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