by Rick Ferguson


Ephesians 2:4-7

This next year our church will be involved in
a nationwide campaign sponsored by the Southern
Baptist Convention which is called the "Goodnews
America Campaign." The good news that we will be
sharing with our nation is that God loves them.
All over the country billboards will begin to appear
which say "Good News America - God Loves You!"

The good news that we have to share with people
everywhere is that God really does love them. In
Chapter 2 of Ephesians the Christian is introduced
to another vast chamber of his spiritual treasures.
That chamber is the love of God that has been demon-
started to us through the person of Jesus Christ.
We are going to discover in the next several verses
of our study the magnitude and magnificence of the
love of God. When we leave here tonight, I hope all
of us can be assured of the fact that God loves us.

TEXT - Ephesians 2:4-7

God loves you. We hear those words so often that
two tragic things have occurred:

(1) They are so often spoken that they have
lost their impact to some and

(2) They have been misunderstood by some. To
say God loves you does not mean

(a) That God loves your sin.

Ex. Cosmopolitan Church of St. Louis
where their homosexual pastor said,
"God loves me just the way He
created me."

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(b) That God will let sin go unpunished.

Ex. Sam Williams says, "A loving
God would not send anyone to hell."

(c) That God will violate man's free will
to protect him from suffering.

Ex. I've heard people ask, "If God
is a loving God, why is there
war and suffering?" The answer
very simply is because of man's
self-centered, sinful nature.

Having made these observations, let ...

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