by Rick Ferguson


Ephesians 2:1-3

As Christians, it is very easy to forget how
horrible and insecure it is to be lost. Many of you
are like me, you've been saved since childhood days
and you can hardly remember what life was like as a
non Christian. I was saved at 6 years of age
Therefore, it is easy for me to forget the feelings
of purposelessness. fears of death, insecurity, doubt
and emptiness that accompany lostness.

I am convinced that the average Christian would
be a much more zealous soul winner if he or she could
simply remember how horrible it is to be lost. I
am convinced that a lost person cannot experience full
(1) joy, (2)peace and (3) love in life. These are
benefits. or fruits of the spirit. that come from knowing
Christ alone! Most lost people think they are experiencing
joy, peace and love; but what they are experiencing is
simply a plastic model of the real thing. They simply
have a cheap replica manufactured by the world of the
real essence of life.

I am fully convinced that any life spent without
Christ is incomplete. I believe many people sense
this incompleteness in life and they seek fulfillment
in things that are temporal:
(1) Drugs/alcohol,
(2) Sex,
(3) Business success,
(4) Popularity,
(5) Recreation, etc.

But when all is said and done, those things leave
a person still feeling unfulfilled and incomplete.
Billy Graham has said it this way "Every man has
a God vacuum within him. Many try to fill this vacuum
with the allurements of the world, but only God can
fill up the God vacuum in a man's heart."

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quotations are from the New International
Version unless otherwise indicated.

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Our text tonight describes to us some of the
dilemmas of being lost. It is my desire that two
things might happen here tonight:

(1) L ...

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