by Rick Ferguson


Ephesians 1:11-12

One of the doctrines for which Bible-believing,
evangelical Christians are often divided is the
doctrine of security of the believer. However,
it is impossible to accurately read the Book of
Ephesians and not believe in eternal salvation, or
the security of the believer. Ephesians reaffirms
that a man's salvation is up to God. not up to
man, and when God saves a man. He saves him for
all eternity. This is to say that our salvation
is not contingent upon our living a sin-free life
If it were, we'd all be hopelessly lost. Our
salvation is contingent upon the integrity of God.

There are two basic streams of theological
perspective in Christendom today, (1) Calvinism
teaches salvation by grace and (2) Armenianism
teaches salvation by works.

Southern Baptists have been Calvinist by tradition
because we believe in salvation by grace alone and
in eternal security of the believer. I believe
that tonight we will discover this to be the accurate,
biblical perspective of salvation. Let's go to
the Book of Ephesians that we might begin to under-
stand the believer's security.

TEXT - Ephesians 1:11-12

There are two reasons I believe in the security
of the believer. First of all, if my staying saved
were dependent upon my staving sinless, I would be
hopelessly lost. I always like to ask people who
believe you can be lost after you've been saved,
"How many sins do you have to commit to be lost
again?" It only takes one sin to make You a sinner.
Where is the line drawn? Do you have to commit
one sin, 10,000 sins - where is the line drawn?

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The second reason I believe in the believer's
eternal security is because my eternal salvation
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