by Rick Ferguson


Ephesians 1:3-6

To be saved is to be spiritually rich. We have
said that the book of Ephesians is a Treasury of
Christian riches. It is full of rich promises and
truths which apply to the Christian. It is so
important that God's people fully understand the
spiritual wealth which rightly belong to them.

I have learned that a man does not have to
have a great deal of material possessions to be
quite wealthy. In fact, I've known, people who were
worth millions yet were spiritual paupers.

Ex. Howard Hughs was one of the world's richest
men yet he died in depression, reclusion and mental

On the other hand, I've known people who had
little in the way of material possessions yet were
rich spiritually and very happy.

This is why Jesus said "Foolish is he that
layeth up treasure for himself but is not rich toward
God." (Luke 12:21)


I see in our text some of the "spiritual treasures
of the saved." I am convinced that many Christians
though they are the rightful heirs to great spiritual
treasures are living like paupers in spiritual
destitution. Many Christians live like Hetty Green
who went down in history as America’s greatest miser.
When she died in 1916 she left an estate valued at
over $100 million. Though she was worth so much
money, she ate cold oatmeal for breakfast because it
cost to heat it. Her son had to suffer an amputation

Pg. 2

because she delayed so long in looking for a free
clinic that his case became incurable. She was
wealthy yet she chose to live like a pauper. She
was so foolish that she hastened her own death by
bringing on a heart attack while arguing over the
value of drinking skimmed milk.

Hetty Green is an illustration of too many
Christians today. They have limitless wealth at
their disposal and yet they live like paupers.
It was to this kind of Christian that Paul wrote
our text.

I want us to discover some of our wealth this
eveni ...

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