by Rick Ferguson

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Busy But Barren (3 Of 15)
Series: Growing Closer And Going Deeper With God
Rick E. Ferguson
Luke 10:38-42

Series Verse: But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. -2 Peter 3:18


1) Do you ever feel like you are doing more things and getting less done these days?

2) Do you feel like spiritually you are doing all the right things but are still empty and unsatisfied on the inside? You are:- Reading and studying the Bible- Memorizing scripture- Witnessing regularly- Attending church- Serving, ministering to others- Teaching a Bible study, etc.

But even while you are scrambling from one religious activity to another, do you feel like your spiritual batteries are on full drain...and not getting recharged?

3) Do you ever feel like you are performing more and more religious acts... but producing less and less spiritual fruit?

4) Has your Christian life become mundane and routine?

5) Do you sometimes feel like your Christian life is more of a job than an adventure?

6) Do you feel like you're putting on an act...in that you are putting on a good front, you're smiling and appearing happy, but on the inside you are really empty and hurting?

7) How about your quiet time... when you read the Bible, are you getting just words or are you regularly receiving truth and hearing the voice of God?

8) Have you ever sensed there were people dependent on you, expecting and needing something from you...but you had nothing left to give?

9) Do you feel like you are over-extended but you don't know what to give up?

Ex:A prominent Pastor I know of in another state, who fell to moral failure, said later... ''I felt like I was on a treadmill and did not know how to get off.''

More and more in my ministry, I am meeting sincere, dedicated, committed Christians who are running on empty. They are active and busy...probably busier than any generation that has ever lived. But in all our busyness and activity, we a ...

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