by Rick Ferguson

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Falling in Love with God (2 of 15)
Series: Growing Closer and Going Deeper With God
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
Matthew 22:37-38; Revelation 2:1-5

Series Verse: but grow in the grace and knowledge of our lord and savior Jesus Christ (2 peter 3:18).

Question: How many of you men would be content to be married to a wife who faithfully:
- Cooked your meals
- Did your laundry
- Cleaned your house

But did not really love you?

How many of you wives would be content to be married to a man who:
- Provided you with nice things
- Worked faithfully
- Took you on nice trips
- Remained faithful to you

But did not truly love you?

Question: Can I ask you a simple, yet profound, personal question?

- Do you love God?
- Do you love God as much as you did when you first got saved?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever wondered in your own mind, ''Do I really love God?''

Whenever I pause from my fast-paced life long enough to ponder that question it almost always stimulates more questions before any answers. Questions like:
- What does it mean to love God?
- How can I know if I truly love God, or if I only give verbal assent to loving God?

Jesus quoted Isaiah saying it applied to the Jews of His day... ''These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me'' (Matt. 15:8).

Is there any objective, verifiable way to know if I really love God or am just giving Him lip-service?

And if I do love God, do I love Him fully as I ought?

I am preaching a message series dealing specifically with spiritual growth entitled, ''Growing Closer And Going Deeper With God''

And as I thought about spiritual growth, my first question was simply this... ''Where do I start?'' And the resounding answer given me by the Holy Spirit was simply this, ''Start with 'Loving God.'''

I have to confess, I have preached numerous messages about God's love for us, but I have never preached a message exclusively dealing ...

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