by Rick Ferguson

Worship: Life's Ultimate Pursuit
Rick Ferguson
JOB 1:1-22

Copyright (c) 1995 by Dr. Rick E. Ferguson. All rights reserved.
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Question: How do you react to unexpected crises in your life? What is your first response when things don't go as you planned?

I'm talking about those little and big interruptions in life that all of us face to greater or lesser degrees every day of our lives.

Ex: 1) When you're in a hurry to get to work and the toaster sticks --burning your toast
2) The washing machine goes ballistic and floods your laundry room
3) The sewer clogs up (this really sets Kathy off)
4) Your car breaks down on the way to an important meeting
5) The copy machine always jams when you're in a hurry

Everyday--each of us has to face these little irritations, these little irregularities, that can add up and turn a good day into a small disaster.

And how do you respond to those major, cataclysmic crises that break into all our lives from time to time?

Ex: 1) The death of a spouse
2) The discovery of a fatal disease
3) The loss of a job
4) Divorce

What do you do when the darkness comes into your life and it seems as though God has abandoned you? You pray--but it seems mechanical and answer comes.

I'm going to tell you, I have had some dark days in my life. Days of pain and powerlessness. Crises have come into our lives for no apparent reason.

From my experience in the darkness--and from the Word of God, I am learning how to respond to disaster and darkness in victory and faith. Today I want to share a little of what I am learning about living in dark moments.

In particular, I want to try to show you the place of worship in periods of darkness. And I want to take ...

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