by Rick Ferguson

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Rick Ferguson
MATTHEW 19:3-9

Question: Would you agree with me that the break down
of the American family unit is having a devastating
affect upon our society? In recent history, every
U.S. President, including President Bill Clinton, has
stated that most of America's most serious problems,
such as crime, violence, and poverty, can be traced
directly back to a break down in the family.

I am convinced that most people don't really want it
to be this way. Most people want a stable,
satisfying, secure marriage...they really do want this
but don't know how to have it. They see the problems
but don't know how to fix them.

Ex: A recent Los Angeles Times poll of 2,000 adults
revealed that the overwhelming majority, when asked
about their main goal in life, responded, "To be
happily married!"

Ex: I have never had a young person say to me, "You
know Pastor, I hope someday to meet the right person,
fall hopelessly in love, have a beautiful wedding,
live together for awhile, then let our relationship
disintegrate and some day get a divorce!"

No, not at all. We want to meet that "just right"
person, fall in love, have a beautiful wedding, then
live happily together forever and ever! Right?

Now, if that's what all of us want, really want, then
why are so few of us getting it?

*Why are there more than 1 million divorces in America
every year?
*Why is there a divorce granted every 37 seconds in
*Why are 50% of all marriages ending in divorce?
*Why are 1/3 of American children not living with
their natural fathers?
*Could it be we have been going about marriage in the
wrong way?
*Could it be we have abandoned some basic,
foundational principles and practices that have to be
in place for a marriage to be permanent and

*In 1912 there was 1 divorce for every 12 marriages.
*In 1932 there was 1 divorce for every 6 m ...

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