by Rick Ferguson

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Rick Ferguson

Intro: Most of us in this room today fall into 1 of 3
1) Married
2) Previously married
3) Planning to get married someday.

We are either:
1) Loving our spouse
2) Leaving our spouse, or
3) Looking for our spouse.

The fact of the matter is, in spite of all the attacks
and abuse monogamous marriage has received in recent
years, it still stands as the foundational institution
upon which all other human institutions rest.

Even the left-wing liberals of our day are beginning
to concede, reluctantly, that strong, stable homes and
families are absolutely essential for a strong, stable
society. And one of the primary reasons our society
has been plagued with violence and anarchy in recent
decades is because our homes and families have been in
an alarming state of decay.

I don't have to tell you all the gloomy gruesome
statistics. You are all too aware of the facts:
1)50% of all marriages end in divorce
2)1 in 3 children will grow up in a home where one
parent is absent due to divorce
3)1/5 of all children in America (12 million) live in
4)During the decade of the 80's, substantial cases of
child sexual abuse increased approximately 2,000%.

No one would argue that the traditional family is in
serious trouble today, and as a result of the
breakdown of the traditional family unit--we are
witnessing a total meltdown of our society.

I agree with former President George Bush who said
during the spring commencement exercises of Notre Dame
in May of 1992:
"Whatever form our most pressing problems may
take, ultimately all are related to the disintegration
of the family... If America is to resolve our social
problems, we must first restore our families."
President Bush went on to declare that the
American family is:
"An institution under seize from divorce, teen
pregnancy, single parent households and yo ...

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