by Rick Ferguson

Staying Positive under Pressure an Overview of Philippians

Philippians 4:4

Tonight we come to our final message and study from the book
Philippians. We have studied this book under the theme--"How to stay
positive under pressure." We have tried to analyze the spiritual resources
of the Apostle Paul, who is the author of this marvelous book.

The thing that amazes me about Philippians is the fact that it is
a joyful, optimistic book. '-This is the only book in the New Testament that
does not mention sin at least once., In this book we find the Apostle Paul
rejoicing and encouraging others to rejoice with him--in spite of the fact
that he was chained to a Roman guard and being held prisoner at Rome.-.-He
was awaiting trial before the neurotic Emperor Nero (the cruelest, most
vicious and insane of all the Roman Caesar’s). Paul was not in prison for
any crime he had done. He was in prison for the testimony of the Lord
Jesus Christ.

Tonight I want us to take an overview of this book and look at
four different attitudes that helped the Apostle Paul remain positive under
intense pressure. Each of the four chapters of Philippians has a central
thought that I would like for us to focus on tonight. Therefore, tonight's
study will be over four attitudes that will help you stay positive under

To begin our study, I want to read the one verse that I consider
to be the central theme verse of the entire book (Philippians 4:4).

TEXT--Philippians 4:4
The" Lord tells us to rejoice always--at all times. The Apostle
Paul demonstrated how we are to do this, for we find him in a spirit of
rejoicing in all situations.

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We are to rejoice in all seasons. We are t rejoice in the evil
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