by Rick Ferguson

Dr. Rick E. Ferguson

Genesis 27:1-46

Our study of the book of Genesis brings us today
to a very familiar Old Testament story: The story of
Rebekah and Jacob scheming to deceive Isaac and steal
his patriarchal blessing. This was a devastating
event in Isaac's home. It was a crisis that brought
conflict and contempt into a Christian home that would
never be entirely resolved.

As we step across the- threshold of Isaac's home
(in Genesis 27), we need to be reminded that this was
the home of a believing man. However, it will be very
difficult to recognize this home as a Christian home.
Few ungodly homes exhibit such unlovely behavior of
greed, selfishness, lying, deception, anger and hatred
as did the family of Isaac on this sad day. I'm
telling you, Genesis 27 would make a good episode in
an afternoon soap. What we read in Genesis 27 sounds
more like Peyton Place than it does the home of a

This story reminds me of the obvious fact that
even Christian homes often face conflict. Isaac and
Rebekah were both believers, but as we enter their
home in Genesis 27 we find it in spiritual shambles.

I wonder, if we could go behind the closed doors
your home today, what kind of conditions we would
find? Would we find a sanctuary of harmony, holiness
and happiness? Would we find a home of warmth and
worship? Or would we find a home in conflict?

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Would we find a home where communication, caring
and compassion have broken down? Would we find a home
where there is little touch and little tenderness?
Would we find a home filled with bickering and
bitterness? Would we find a home in conflict?

Today I want us to study the conflict in this
Christia ...

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