by Rick Ferguson

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A New Agenda for Society (2 of 2)
Series: Living Life to its Fullest
Dr. Rick Ferguson
Colossians 3:22-4:1

Would you be surprised if I told you your work matters to God? Somehow we have developed an unbiblical dichotomy of life. We have made a clear distinction between:1.The spiritual 2.The secular

In our minds:
1. The Spiritual:
- Is that which we do on Sundays
- It is that part of our life we give to God
- It is that part of our lives that we do for God
- And we believe God is involved intimately in it

2. The Secular:
- Is that which we do Monday-Friday
- It is that which we do simply to make a living
- It is that which we do on our own time, not on God’s time
- God really is not involved in this area of our life

And while all of us know that God is interested in that which we call our spiritual life--our worship. Most of us really do not comprehend that God is just as interested in that part of our lives we call our secular life, our work!

And many Christians believe that ‘‘Christian commitment’’ means carving more and more out of our secular part of life and devoting larger and larger portions of time, money, emotional energy, talents to our spiritual side of life.

Let me tell you this is absolutely an unbiblical vow of life. Christians do not have a divided life--separated by that which is spiritual and that which is for God. But for the Christian:
- Everything We Do Is Spiritual.
- Everything We Do Is An Act Of Worship.

Ex: I led a week long mission trip once. One of our men that went on that trip told me on the way back home, ‘‘Well, I have taken this week off from work to serve the Lord. It’s been a great week but Monday I have to go back to the daily grind of trying to make a living.’’

This man subtly communicated that while he was doing a mission project he was serving the Lord--but when he went back to being an electrician--he was no longer on mission for God.

Ex: Another man told me once, ‘‘I ...

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