by Rick Ferguson

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A New Agenda for Families (1 of 2)
Series: Living Life to its Fullest
Dr. Rick Ferguson
Colossians 3:18-4:1

Would you agree with me when I say the American family is in serious trouble today? In fact, I am greatly alarmed that our entire society is on the very brink of self-destruction:

- Divorce
- Abortion
- Gay Rights
- Economic Hardship
- Humanism
- Children's Rights
- Sexual Deviancy And Promiscuity

Our social cancers that are rapidly eating away at our society, and I am telling you we are a society that is literally rotting from the inside out. There is a liberal social agenda being propagated by powerful, elite, well organized, well financed groups such as ACLU, Planned Parenthood, National Education Associates, and unfortunately our own government administration that are absolutely exploding on the scene of history and forcing upon America a godless, immoral, insane agenda which is rapidly destroying us from the inside out!

- Folks, we are in serious, serious trouble today!
- We are sowing to the wind and reaping a whirlwind!
- Every man is ''doing that which is right in his own eyes!'' We are already reaping total anarchy and chaos.
- And the only answer for our society is Jesus!
- He is our only hope.
- There are no other solutions. And we need to realize government cannot fix the problem--it is part of the problem!
- The answer is not a guru because the problem is not religion.
- The answer is not a teacher because the problem is not ignorance.
- The answer is not government because the problem is not politics.
- The answer is not money because the problem is not poverty.

THE ANSWER IS JESUS BECAUSE THE PROBLEM IS SIN! Let me tell you Jesus and Jesus alone is the answer for:

- Home problems
- Government problems
- Business problems
- Economic problems I want us to return to the book of Colossians and discover that Jesus gives us a brand new agenda for society that brings:
- order out of c ...

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