by Rick Ferguson

Jacob, A Model of Brokenness
Brokenness: God's Way to Strength and Stature
Rick Ferguson
Genesis 32:1-31

Question: What does God have to do to get your attention and allegiance?

If you are like me, sometimes God has to use extreme measures to get through to my thick head. Whenever life is running smoothly for me, my tendency is to become increasingly:
"Self-sufficient," and
And I have discovered that I tend to be less sensitive toward God when I feel like I have everything under control.

It's when life throws me an unexpected curve and insurmountable problems or crises come my way that I wake up to the reality of my own inadequacies and my desperate dependence upon God.

I suspect what is true for me--is true for you. "No man really trusts God until he absolutely has to!" (Ron Dunn)

That is exactly why God will periodically thrust us into catastrophic circumstances that are so far beyond our control--we have no place to turn but to Him. God loves us so much, He is willing to periodically interrupt our comfort and convenience in order to give us a spiritual "wake-up" call, get our attention and draw us close to Himself, where we find true life, peace, strength and security.

We have been calling this process "Brokenness." And I am very, very confident that God is working to break many of you this very day!

Now let's be reminded of what brokenness is:

Brokenness Defined: Brokenness is the process whereby God brings us to the end of ourselves and into total love, trust, and submission toward Him.

By the way, the most foolish thing a person can do, when God is trying to break them, is to resist God!

Let me promise you:
*You can never win a wrestling match against God.
*If you're fighting God today--I can promise you who will ultimately win.
*How foolish it is to think you can fight against God and win.

Today I want to show you a biblical illustration of a man wrestling with God ...

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