by Christopher Harbin

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Continuing Thanksgiving (1 of 52)
Series: Discipleship Part 2
Christopher B. Harbin
Daniel 6:1-10

Each year, we set apart a special day to give thanks for God's provision. We celebrate as a nation in remembrance of how native peoples provided much-needed food for foreign colonists on the verge of starvation. These native peoples taught them to plant maize, squash, and beans, including strategies to fertilize the ground for better crop yields. We pause to remember a little of this history and give thanks to God for the blessings we continue to enjoy today, however, that provision might have been made.

Often as not, we make or hear of lists of things for which to be thankful. We watch friends and loved ones post things for which they are grateful throughout the month of November. We join them and are right in doing so. It is too easy to fail in counting our blessings and miss the many reasons for which we should rejoice and be grateful. It is in our thanksgiving that we pause to recognize our dependence upon God and put life's difficulties in a more proper perspective. What do we do with our thankfulness when we are not being so reminded to thank God for the blessings which surround us?

Daniel was in a relatively dark place. He had been ripped out of his homeland and carted off into exile to serve the world's superpower. This was not exactly the dream job for an Israelite. He had no desire to be in Babylon, much less serving the emperor of the nation who had invaded his homeland and forced him away from all he knew and loved.

Despite the difficulties of his exile, Daniel had risen within the ranks of those pressed in service to the emperor. He had risen enough to have made enemies along the way, men who were jealous of his power, position, and privilege. They were concerned enough with Daniel to devise a plan to force him into a position of disgrace before the emperor, such that Daniel would be sure to be put to death.

They determined that Daniel ...

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