by Rick Ferguson

Brokenness and God's Ultimate Plan for Your Life
Rick Ferguson
Psalm 1:17; 2 Corinthians 4:7-12

Question: Don't you like to come to church and be inspired and encouraged?
Don't you enjoy hearing a sermon that reminds you of:
*How much God loves you
*How valuable and precious you are to Him
*How blessed you are
*How gifted you are

I know you enjoy messages that are positive and encouraging and uplifting...Messages that are "easy-listening" messages.

And, in fact, you can go to many churches today and that is the only kind of message you will hear. The Pastor is careful to not be offensive to anyone, and couch the gospel in very non-offensive, non-controversial, non-confrontational, non-crucifixion terms. You will never hear, for instance, a prophetic message on sin, depravity, judgment, hell, the Holiness of God, the cross, blood atonement, self-crucifixion, etc. The sermons tend to be light and humorous...
*How To Feel Good About Yourself In 5 Easy Steps
*How To Be Prosperous Financially
*How To Be Successful In Your Career
*How To Have A Stress Free Life.

I have even heard of Pastors taking on subjects like:
*How To Diet Successfully
*How To Establish A Good Fitness/Exercise Program, etc...
(Yuppies and Baby Boomers love that kind of stuff!)
*This is not that kind of church.
*I am not that kind of Pastor.
(And maybe you're beginning to figure out)
*This is not going to be that kind of message!

The message God has given me to preach to you today does not deal with:
*Feeling good about yourself
*Reaching financial prosperity
*Succeeding in your career
*Living a healthy lifestyle
(If that is what you are primarily looking for in God--then you don't need God--You need a Santa Claus, or a magic genie, or a fairy godmother.)

*So God has burdened me to preach to you today about an issue that is not going to be very popular.
*He has given me a message that will not be light and humorous.
*He has given me a message that wil ...

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