by Rick Ferguson

Abiding in Christ
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
John 15:1-11

*Do you ever get tired ... I mean really tired?
*Do you ever feel over-extended/over-committed?
*Do you ever fear you are on the edge of burn-out?
*Have you lost your enthusiasm for the activities that normally bring you a sense of fulfillment?
*Have you even lost your enthusiasm for ministry and serving the Lord?

Ex: I heard about a fellow who had an identity crisis and an energy crisis at the same time. He didn't know who he was and he was too tired to find out.

If your answer to these questions is "yes" then this message is for you. The message God has given me to preach to you today is particularly relevant for the extremely busy, over-extended, over-committed Christian.

I am absolutely convinced, the reason many Christians feel so fatigued emotionally and spiritually, is because we have focused primarily on Activity For Christ rather than Abiding In Christ.

Now, my goal today is not to change your schedule ... but to change your focus. And I want to help you understand that Christ's first command and concern for us does not involve activity ... but abiding.

And, therefore, our first concern as believers must not be focused on activity - but abiding.

As I look out over this vast congregation I see hundreds and hundreds of extremely busy, active people ... but there may be only a handful who are really abiding people ... who have learned the secret of abiding in Christ.

When you come to John 15, Jesus is spending the last precious moments he has with His disciples to give them the secret to surviving tough times. Soon He will be arrested, and crucified and they will be hunted criminals. You may be surprised at how Jesus instructs them and prepares them for the difficult days ahead.

*Rather than telling them to get active and serve
*Jesus tells them to abide and seek Him!

The key to victorious, free, fulfilling, triumphant, liberating, j ...

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