by Ernest Easley

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The Priesthood (15 of 16)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 28:30-35
May 16, 2001

We are talking tonight about the Old Testament
Priesthood that God set in place! And He set it in
place primarily for one reason: as a shadow of the
future Priest. God wanted His people to know that the
way to Him was not only through the Tabernacle and the
sacrificial system... but through the Priesthood!
And weather you are talking about the
tabernacle... the sacrificial system or the
priesthood... you are talking about the Lord Jesus
Christ! When you understand that... the Old Testament
will suddenly come alive!
Now the study of the Priesthood falls under our
theme: The Scarlet Thread! And it is that scarlet
thread that ties the Bible together.
So join me for a few minutes in Exodus 28. We are
considering the clothing that the Priest wore. Now...
when our children were small... we would pick out their
clothes to wear the next day. That way we knew that
their socks matched and so forth. As they have gotten
older... they are now picking out our clothes to wear.
Not so with the Priest. They didn't pick out
their own clothes to wear nor did their parents. God
picked them out! This may have been the start of the
designer clothes movement.
Well... just as the clothes our children wear is a
reflection on our family... the clothes that the
Priests wore was a reflection on God! No wonder He
picked them out.
Exodus 2.8, "And you shall make holy garments for
Aaron, your brother, for glory and for beauty."
Well... the first article was called the "ephod"
which means vest. It had a front and a back piece and
they were joined together at the shoulders by two gold
At the top were onyx stones with the names of the
12 tribes of Israel engraved on them.
The second piece of clothing was the
"breastplate." On it were 12 stones with the names of
the children of Israel on them. And ...

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