by Ernest Easley

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The Way to God (8 of 16)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Hebrews 9.6-10
February 28, 2001

We are picking up tonight in our study of the
scarlet thread through the Bible. Now remember...
when we talk about the scarlet thread... we are
talking about the blood covenant that God cut with
And that scarlet thread began in Genesis chapter
3 with Adam and Eve. Tonight... we are picking up
where we left off last time by taking a look at the
You will remember that the Tabernacle was a
portable house of worship. As the children of Israel
wandered in the wilderness... they would take it along
with them. That Tabernacle was a visible reminder of
the presence and protection of God.
But that Tabernacle was more than that! That
tabernacle was a shadow or a picture of another
tabernacle that would one day come. Take your Bible
and join me in Hebrews chapter 9.
That tabernacle was God's way of showing them how
to get to Him... how to know Him! In fact...
everything in the Tabernacle points to either the
person or work of Jesus. Every covering... every
article of furniture reveals something about Jesus.
Hebrews 9.6-12 . . . So the Old Testament Tabernacle
was a picture or a shadow of the "more perfect
tabernacle not made with hands."
Now remember that God established three things so
that man could approach Him: the tabernacle... the
sacrificial system... and the priesthood. And
together ... God said, "I want a relationship with
you! I want to fellowship with you. I want to be
with you."
I am so glad that God wants to fellowship with
me. And that is what God said through the tabernacle!
Now you will remember from last time that the
tabernacle was made up of the Outer Court... the Holy
Place... and the Holy of Holies.
We took a look last time at the gate that was
found on the east side of the tabernacle. There was
only one entrance... one gate. And that g ...

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