by Ernest Easley

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Exalting the Savior (4 of 7)
Our Savior... Our Church... Our Future
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
1 John 1.4-7
February 9, 2003

We are learning these days about Exalting the Savior
under the heading:

Our Savior... Our Church... Our Future

As Savior... Jesus is building His Church.
As Church... We are the body of Christ.
As to our Future... It is bright and certain!

Tonight... we find ourselves in the New Testament
book of 1 John! So take your Bible and join me in 1
John chapter 1.

Now in thinking about Exalting the Savior... we have
learned that there are many ways to Exalt the Lord
Jesus. We exalt Him through our Unity! We exalt Him
through our Diversity! We even exalt Him through our

Now tonight... from the book of 1 John... we're going
to discover another way that together... we Exalt the
Savior! And that way is through the building of our

We will never grow beyond our fellowship! So goes the
fellowship... so goes the church! If somehow our
fellowship gets disrupted... everything will get
disrupted! And we must continue building up the

Here is what John says about it:
1 John 1.4-7...

Now as we think tonight about our Fellowship... let's
think about several aspects of Fellowship.

(1) The Definition of Fellowship.

What is fellowship and why is it so important for the
cause of Christ? Well... the Greek word used
throughout the New Testament is the word koinonia. It
speaks of sharing together in a common life. To
become a sharer... to be a partner. That means we are
partners in Christ!

It comes from the word koinos which means "to have in
common." Someone has said that "fellowship is two
fellows on the same ship."

Now around the church we say, "We're having a Sunday
School fellowship on Friday night at the Jones's
home." Everybody knows that fellowship at the
Jones's home means food... sharing in a few laughs...
getting ...

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