by Ernest Easley

Gabriel's Good News
Ernest L. Easley
Luke 1:26-38

Take God's Word tonight and turn please to Luke chapter 1. This time of the year we are bombarded with Christmas Catalogues.

So... by sending out Christmas Catalogues... they have a better chance at getting some of our money! We take those catalogues... sometimes called ''wish books''... and begin working our way through it's pages.

There are clothes and electronics to buy. There are toys and appliances... gadgets and garden equipment. You name it and it's found in somebody's Christmas Catalogue!

Well... did you know that God has a Christmas Catalogue? Well... He does! In fact... His was the first Christmas Catalogue filled not with gadgets... but with grace! Not with toys but with triumph! Not with appliances... but with acceptance!

I hold in my hand The First Christmas Catalogue and on every page you'll find treasures and gifts just for you! But unlike most Christmas Catalogues... there are no prices listed because the price for every item has already been paid for in full! They were paid for by the precious blood of Jesus Christ!

This is no ''wish book''... it's a ''wonder book.'' And in this ''wonder book''... we find angel Gabriel dispatched from Heaven to deliver some good news. And it's that good news that I want to talk to you about tonight. Now look with me beginning in Luke 1. We begin reading in verse 26 where we hear...

Now beginning in verse 26 as we think about Gabriel's Good News.... the first thing we find is...


vv.26-27... Here we read about the appearance of one of God's special angelic agents and his name is ''Gabriel.''

Now the name ''Gabriel'' means ''God is powerful.'' Everywhere Gabriel went... he declared that God is powerful! His very presence said, ''God is powerful.'' I mean... when Gabriel showed up... he reminded everybody that God was powerful!

It was Gabriel who came to Zacharias and Elizabeth and told them they were ...

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