by Ernest Easley

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The Satisfied Church (7 of 7)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Revelation 3.14-22
November 25, 2002

Now join me this morning in GOD'S SPECIAL BOOK OF
BLESSING... that being... the book of Revelation!

To help us understand the Apocalypse... the
Revelation... the unveiling of Jesus Christ... He
provides us an outline of the book. And that outline
is found back in 1.19, "Write the things which you
have seen (chapter 1... the glory of Jesus); and the
thing which are (chapters 2-3... the grace of Jesus);
and the things which will take place after this
(chapters 4-22... the government of Jesus.)

Now this morning... we are wrapping up that second
section under the heading: the grace of Jesus. And
aren't you glad that we are living in this day of
grace? You will never know an easier period of
history than the period that we are presently living
in to be saved and to follow Jesus! It is wonderful
to be living in the church age!

But be warned: the church age will not last forever.
Time is running out on the church age. And the next
prophetic event on God's calendar is the rapture of
His church!

And knowing that the rapture is the next prophetic
even... ought to cause the church to have a
preoccupation with Jesus and the passion of Jesus!
This is no time for us to play church... this is the
time for us to be the church!

His priorities must be our priorities... His focus
must be our focus! And that priority and focus was to
seek and to save that which was lost! That's why
Jesus came! That's why Jesus died! That's why Jesus
arose from the grave! We exist to see others come to
know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

Yes... we need to wake up and sing up, and preach up
and pray up, and never give up or let up or back up or
shut up, until the church is filled up, or we go up.

Well... that was not the case at the church at
Laodicea! And what a won ...

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